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eBuild Service will assist you in ordering the hardware and software needed for your network. By purchasing through one of eBuild Service’s hardware vendors, as part of a design and implement plan, you are assured of buying components aligned with your business’ needs.

Our purchasing recommendations are always in line with the demands that will be placed on a product; powerful enough to do what you need it to without becoming overkill or wasteful.

We will help you to differentiate products designed for home use from those intended for business use, and help you to understand the impact that difference can make.

Hardware Purchasing Support
eBuild Service has partnered with vendors who sell servers, networking equipment (switches, routers, firewalls, wireless), peripherals and various appliances such as the Barracuda Web filter and KwikTag Digital Capture Appliance.

eBuild Service has numerous software offerings and can acquire most any software you require through our network of distributors.