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Business Value

Business Value
Monitoring automates the time-consuming – and tedious – task of constantly checking up on your systems. Your network is constantly under siege – from wear and tear, neglect and malice - any of which could bring it down. Hardware at any stage of its lifecycle can start to malfunction. An unplanned shutdown may corrupt data. Your staff – intentionally and unintentionally – install software they shouldn’t. Intruders start tinkering

The business value of our Monitoring is quite simple:

The sooner you are aware of any issue, the sooner a planned response can be executed, often eliminating or drastically reducing its impact.

Hardware issues can be addressed when it starts to falter, instead of waiting until it fails.

Software that has been inappropriately installed can be removed before it causes any problems. “Free” software can become the most expensive items your company owns. Fines related to license compliance or pirated software can run thousands of dollars. More often than not, freeware is actually spyware that opens holes in your network security.

Events such as Errors and warnings can be investigated add addressed when they first happen. Errors in a data backup are not a problem… until you need to rely on that backup. Monitoring draws attention to such errors immediately, and allows you to address them before they become a problem.

Monitoring is eBuild Service’s most popular offering – just ask our customers:

“Our corporate policy requires employees to obtain permission before installing any applications on their PCs. When one of our employees secretly installed a popular music application on his PC, eBuild’s monitoring service notified us immediately. The employee couldn’t believe how quickly we discovered the violation, and the software was removed the very same day it was installed.”
Daniela Fanone, Valdor Engineering Inc.

“Even with the best PC warranty, replacement parts take time to arrive. When eBuild’s monitoring service detected a bad block in one our hard disk drives, they ordered a replacement through the manufacturer’s warranty before we even knew about the problem. The replacement drive was installed without a minute of downtime or lost productivity due to hardware failure.”
Nunzio Bitondo CMA, CFO, CON-DRAIN Co. Ltd.

“If the power goes out, it takes time to get our systems running again. Regardless of when the power goes out, eBuild’s monitoring service notifies us of the outage. When the power went out early one morning, eBuild had a technician onsite before the office opened and our systems were back up and running for the start of the workday.”
Nick Melatti, President, Con-Elco Ltd.

“Our company deals with sensitive information that must be kept confidential. One of our users added a seemingly innocent application to his PC. eBuild’s monitoring service notified their service technicians who then researched it and discovered this application was in fact spyware that compromised the victims PC by modifying the registry. eBuild promptly removed the application.”
Sean Campbell, Design Manager, KLM Planning Partners Inc.