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What Is...

AccountABILITY is our original Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning system.  It has more than 10 years usage and an estimated $5 Billion in construction to its name.  AccountABILITY has two main offerings: Homebuilder and Heavy Construction.

The system was first developed in the mid 90’s, a whole other era for computing.  Initially, the system focused on core accounting functions.  Through the late 90’s, computer use itself expanded, more business processes became electronic and the system grew and adapted to encompass more of our clients’ operations.

Over that same timeframe, technology itself entered a whole new era.  The Internet went from dial-up to blazingly fast broadband connections.  Usage of cellular phones exploded and wireless email was an overnight success.  Wireless broadband became available – today, many metropolitan areas are blanketed with wireless high-speed Internet.

Adding features to AccountABILITY that leverage the latest technology became increasingly difficult.  Innovation required much more than just programming; the programming language itself had become outdated.  We faced the inevitable reality that AccountABILITY itself was destined to become a Legacy Application.

We saw this not as a problem, but as an opportunity – the opportunity to take years of knowledge and expertise and revolutionize our solution.

The “rewrite” got underway in late 2005 and in October 2006, AccountABILITY became our family of solutions based in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.