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What Is...

The Collaborative Business Platform (CBP) is an Online Collaboration and Project Management (OCPM) tool designed for the planning, design and implementation of construction projects.  The communication matrix on a construction project is typically very complex and involves coordinating multiple consultants and contractors.  CBP provides the team with a common, web based, repository and workspace.

When you choose to host your Project on the CBP you ensure:

  • Stakeholders have role-based access to current project information;
  • The team has immediate visibility of changes;
  • Management has the ability track who has (or has not) seen any piece of information;
  • Change management is smooth, timely and accountable;
  • The lifecycle of documents and drawings is carefully managed using version control. 
Perfect World
In a perfect world there would be no need for the Collaborative Business Platform.  Each organization involved in a Project could request their IT Department to allow others access to their Microsoft Windows filing system.  People would only look at information they are supposed to, and do so when they are supposed to.  Nobody would accidentally delete or maliciously remove information.  Email delivery would be assured, and messages never get “lost”.  Documents would be right the first time and revisions not required.  Specifications and contracts would be complete and Change Orders not required.  People would own up to their mistakes.  Until the perfect world gets built, you can rely on the Collaborative Business Platform.